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Professional Development

Course #9271-22.3

Acupoint Injection Therapy:

Intro to Purpose, Principles, and Safety

plus, Advanced AIT 


Private instruction available. Call to schedule yours: 719-960-9890.

Biopuncture, a therapy which facilitates the restoration of health and pain relief with marked improvement. Add to your repertoire of treatment modalities. Employ this service as either a singular or adjunctive therapy and you'll find a return of your investment in very little time. This course is designed for all levels of skill. You'll learn the basic principles and safety of injection therapy, solutions to treat with, the characteristics of each in regard to OM, knowledge of the tools of the trade, and skillful manipulations of them. Ongoing support is also available to participants, as needed.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Acquire an enhanced biomedical perspective.

  • Understand current rules and regulations for injection therapy per (applicable) state.

  • Understand and implement a safe practice of injection therapy.

    • applications, cautions, indications, and contraindications

    • solutions and biotherapeutics covered in coursework

    • treatment strategies

    • plan of care

    • follow-up

*Regulations pertaining to the performance and/or provision of acupoint injection therapy vary by state.

2-Day Option: $650.00

Additional (8 Hour) Day Option: $200.00 Each

60-Hour Option: $1500.00 Total

All supplies needed for training included in the price of each option. Additional supplies for qualified licensed recipients are available for purchase after each class.

Learn & play in Colorado!

Airbnb in Colorado! Rates in Conifer, Pine, and Aspen Park; small towns with plentiful shopping, good food, and fun! Sightseeing, hiking, and skiing all within reasonable driving distances.

Available also for off-site teachings.

Rates vary. Inquire within.

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