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Localized mechanical treatment via suction applied to cups to open channels and promote healing.

  • 1 hour
  • Juniper Room

Service Description

Cupping is performed in many ways and with many different forms of 'cups'. Very small areas may be cupped with sections of dry, hollowed bamboo. Glass cups are heated by a technique called 'fire cupping' in which a flame is used to heat the cup to generate suction when quickly applied (after flame removed) to the skin over the area(s) being treated. Other cups are made of smooth, medical grade, polycarbonate-type vacuum cups. The vacuum, when used for suction, may be applied via a hand pump or electric device designed specifically for cupping. The purpose of cupping is to draw toxins from and around muscle mass to a superficial level beneath the skin, where lymph (fluid) can collect and carry away to be eliminated. Adipose (fatty) tissue, tendonous insertions, and joints may also be treated, though cupping should be limited to areas where blood vessels do not pass superficially, and/or in the vicinity of organ involvement. The back of the neck, shoulders, and torso are most commonly cupped, due to the safety of access to tendonous insertions and attachments of the many muscles of the back. Practitioners who offer cupping, often work with athletes, injury, and surgical recovery. Most are for deep tissue applications. This ancient practice allows also for the drawing of nutrients to muscle fibers and (even smaller) cells in need of cleansing. This includes the drawing of 'fresh' blood to help replenish the supply of oxygen needed by the tissues. Where scar tissue and toxins accumulate, adequate blood supply is prohibited. A wise person (unknown) once declared, "...pain is the cry for blood supply." There are many practitioners who pride themselves in and display their ability on social media to perform what has been coined, "speed cupping." To be most effective, however, cupping should be performed with precision and intention.

Cancellation Policy

We understand the unpredictability of life, at times; therefore, do not require a form of payment to be on file for cancelations. We do, however, appreciate a minimum of 24 hours' notice for cancellations. If more than two cancellations or appointments are unattended back-to-back, we reserve the right to cancel remaining appointments, when scheduled in advance.

Contact Details

  • 460 County Road 43A, Bailey, CO, USA


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