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Let's face it, whether we presently indulge in eating sweets, or have in the past, we are all prone to an addiction to sugar. Most medical practitioners will report the dangers of consuming too much sugar. But where are these claims written? Are they purported or factual? And just how have researchers come to the conclusions we are hearing so much about? I can tell you there are countless articles; most in medical journals for medical professionals' reading pleasure. But they're available to you, too. And I'm here to help you decipher and understand them. Let's take it one step at a time.

One common bodily response to consumption of sugar is inflammation. I have attached a link to a collection of simple facts below. This informational piece was written to acknowledge the potential dangers of consuming sugar and inspire further thought. What questions come to mind when you read it? Are there any common concerns? Please let me know and I'll answer/comment on up to three posts.

Sugar is just one ingredient to be aware of. There are many other potentially reactive substances in food wreaking havoc on our bodies. Something I share when I meet with a new or existing client who is seeking nutritional advice: Change your diet first by changing where you shop for food. This is an easy one. And not necessarily one which requires you to spend more on food than your current budget allows. Challenge #1 is a treasure hunt at a local health-conscious food store. Choose one which appeals to you and go in with time to spare. Find five (5) products you usually purchase at the place you usually shop. Chances are, you will find them quickly, as these stores also have an isle for chips, an isle for cookies, an isle for baking, condiments, bottled drinks, pets, etc. Know that I do not have an advantage here, as I am not suggesting where to shop or what to compare/consider for purchase. Make no purchase, if you're doing this for fun, but take note of the ingredients. Take pictures, even. Compare them to the products you have in your cabinets and pantry. Compare the amounts of added sugars. What other ingredients do some have that others do not?

Then, find five (5) products that you have never considered trying, simply because they're not available for purchase where you usually shop. Ask a team member if you can sample one of them. Most are willing to oblige. Are you intrigued?

I began this post with cause for concern regarding sugar. One common complaint from folks who come for acupuncture and injection therapy is joint and muscle pain. While I can absolutely treat your pain, I encourage you to also do something different. Help me help you get to the root of your pain and prevent it from having as harsh an impact on your life as it may have now.

Are you up for the challenge? This is just one. I have several in mind. I hope you'll participate and share your experiences with me and others, here. I am a problem solver and love to share what I've learned.

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