Conkeror is one of the most powerful web browsers for programmers as you can easily customize, extend many of its functionalities. You can read the introduction about Conkeror as well as its power in my previous post here Conkeror and How it changed the way I surf the web. Although Conkeror is a powerful browser, it is a bit difficult for new users to get started with it because you have to learn and remember many key strokes. This post introduces Conkeror Mac Modeline Buttons (CMMB), an extension for Conkeror. This is one of my effort in making Conkeror more friendly for new users. Actually, there is a built-in command in Conkeror that displays basic navigation button in Conkeror Modeline. However, it works fine on Linux only, not on other platforms. Also, the built-in one only allows me to display some pre-defined buttons, not any buttons that you want. In order to use this extension, you need some basic knowledge about .conkerorrc file. You can find the intruction in the tutorial here Conkeror - Getting started - Part 1 and here Conkeror - Getting started - Part 1.

Download and Installation

It’s very easy to install since you just have to clone it from github. Make sure you have git installed and your .conkerorrc is a directory (new style). First, clone it from github into your .conkerorrc

$ cd ~/.conkerorrc
$ git clone

You’re encouraged (but not compelled) to clone it into .conkerorrc. In that case, put this one into your init file to load it

let (path = get_home_directory()) {

If you put the package outside .conkerorrc folder, use this one


You also have to set the image path if you place the package outside .conkerorrc. See the Configurations section for more information


Simply type M-x and activate one of these commands to show the buttons

  • cmmb-add-navigation-buttons (show navigation buttons)
  • cmmb-remove-navigation-buttons (hide navigation buttons)
  • cmmb-add-editing-buttons (show editing buttons)
  • cmmb-remove-editing-buttons (hide navigation buttons)
  • cmmb-add-download-buttons (show download buttons)
  • cmmb-remove-download-buttons (hide navigation buttons)

You can also bind the commands to any keystroke that you want


If you want to use your own images, you can replace the images already exist inside the images folder with the ones that you want. You can also use your own image folder by setting variable cmmb_image_path. Also, if you have placed the package outside .conkerorrc, setting this variable is a must. Otherwise, just ignore this part and leave everything default.

cmmb_image_path = "/path/to/images/folder";


That’s all basic thing you need in order to use this extension. If you want more advanced stuffs like adding your custom buttons and button groups, visit the project’s home page at Conkeror Mac Modeline Buttons homepage

Some demo images

navigation multi2

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