We are living in the era of cloud computing. An example of this is how our contact list are synchronised. With 70% smartphone marketshare are the Droids, phone numbers now fly as high as Google Contacts. Gone are the days when SIM cards were like floppy drives storing SMSs and stuff. And a decent day, you’ve got new phone, and it’s not a Droid. Instead it’s a retro smartphone with modest specs and shitty OS, or even a crappy feature Nokia s40 handset. And worse, it doesn’t speak “cloud” language.

Exhibit A: my contact list, on the 2006-made Sony Ericsson P1i


  1. Enter each numbers individually. Ask your bestie to give you a hand. Gee, maybe your girl/boyfriend will enjoy doing it too.There are two ways you can retrieve your contacts list: 2. Or use Goosync. I prefer this.

What can GooSync do ?

Being a online service, GooSync enables non-Droids to seamlessly synchronised with Google Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks. The great thing about GooSync is it virtually WORKS WITH ALMOST EVERY PHONES out there. Nokia Indestructible series: approved, LG cheap retro touchscreen phones: approved. To sum up: Blackberry OS, Symbian S60, S80, UIQ, Nokia s40, Sony Ericsson feature OS… basically anything that has internet connection are approved ! For a complete list of compatible devices: http://www.goosync.com/SupportedDevices.aspx

If auto sync is what you want, go for the premium service which worths £19.95, just like a Droid. Otherwise, the 7-day trial period is enough to download the calendar, contacts and tasks for once. Check out GooSync now: https://www.goosync.com/

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