Dafuq is this?

It’s been said that there are two types of people: those who manage time effectively, and those absent-minded letting the grass grow under their feet. I belong the the latter group, so ultimately to-do lists are godsend.

Forget the scrappy sticky notes, there are countless of reminder applications available if you have a Android smartphone in hand. However, many best rated reminders on PlayStore I have tested are umbrella tools, bundle with alarm, task management and craps… I am frustrated with chains of menus and boxes, just to create a new reminder.

What I want is simplicity and efficiently. Easy to create, easy to view. That’s when Notable comes along.

NOTABLE - Simple concept & design, huge practicality

Indeed, the defining slide-down notification area is the most useful feature of Android. Unlike other to-do apps requires users to activate the apps to see the currents to-do list, Notable takes advantage of the notification area, allows reminders to be accessed and modified ubiquiously.

Notable: Enter the reminder:

Notable usability is exceptionally explicit and straightforward. It does not provide fancy functions offered by Remember the Milk, or Evernote: those pretty dialogs, colourful widgets, or location integration via Google Map. Heck, it does not even come with Google Keep/Task synchronisation, which is deemed as the fundamental feature for to-do list (though the dev are committed in bringing this option). Who cares, it is the simplicity the selling point of Notable. and it suits my particular needs. Two steps it takes to create a reminder: 1: Open the app, enter a message.

2: Enter.

Bam, you now have a note!

To remove the reminder, either tapping on them, or swiping them away. Fast and simple. With Notable, I am well-inform everywhere I go. I can remind myself to sent a mail while brushing teeth. I can remind myself to get a pack of Fugacar while eating hủ tiếu gõ. I will remind myself to buy a pack of condom while praying in the church (kidding, I won’t do that - at least, not in the church). Get Notable from Play Store.

Further reading

Simplest Reminder fall into a similar category with Notable, but I find the notes appear to show up on quite unpredictable. Has lots of potential too.

Get Simple Reminder from Play Store.

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