There are many students who are now very excited in taking part in Fedora and other Linux Operating Systems (or only me in this campus). So in order to help you guys connect to the Internet on campus, I am very happy to give you some solutions. The first solution is for Firefox and the second one is for Google Chrome. Before moving forward, I have to say one thing that Linux users DON’T have to install any 3rd party software in order to connect to the Internet in RMIT campus, which can be seen as an advantage for linux users. For this particular example, I used Firefox and Chrome on Fedora

I. Connect to the Internet with Firefox.


Make sure that you turn on wifi and YOUR computer can RECOGNIZE “RMIT-WPA” or “rmitvnnet”, which are two official wireless spots of RMIT campus in RMIT Hanoi and Saigon.


  1. Try to connect to RMIT-WPA (of course, it will not be successful, but you can make sure that your system CAN connect to the Internet).

  2. Look at top-right bar, there is a dual-connected computers symbol. Right-click on that symbol and choose “Edit connections…“.

  3. Now there is a table which has many tabs. Your task is choosing Wireless tab.


As you can see, the internet spot named RMIT-WPA appeared.

  1. Single click on RMIT-WPA, and then choose “Edit”


  1. Now a new window appears and there are four tabs “Wireless”, “IPv4 setting”, “IPv6 setting”, and “Wireless security”. Please choose “Wireless Security”

  2. Your task is changing all information like in the image below.

  • Security: WPA&WPA2 Enterprise
  • Authentication: Tunneled TSL
  • Anonymous Identity: blank space
  • CA certificate: set (NONE)
  • Inner authentication: FAP (Oops, I mean PAP)
  • User name: [email protected] (Please remember to add
  • Password: your password which you are using to login Blackboard.

In this step, I have encountered one problem with Ubuntu, I was the one who setup internet connection in one computer. When I USE MY account, that computer connected to the Internet successfully. However, it connects to the internet using its owner’s account, it did not work at all. This problem is very weird and I don’t know if it happened on Fedora. In my case, I did not see any obstacle on connecting to the Internet with Fedora, but you guy if you have this problem, please see IT service for checking account’s details.

change Wireless

  1. You might think that is all, but in fact it is not. Now open your Firefox, look at top bar, then click on “Preference”. Now Clicking on “Advanced” and follow steps in image below.


  1. There is no more steps, enjoy yourself

II. Connect to the Internet with Google Chrome.


In order to connect to the Internet in RMIT campus, you have to make sure that you DID successfully from step 1 to step 6 in Firefox’s part. In addition, unlike Firefox, Google chrome using system setting to setup its internet seting; hence You have to modify internet system setting to connect to the Internet.


  1. Going to “Application” —– “System tools” ——- “System setting” and choose network


  1. Change the options follow the instructions in an image below and FINISH


Nguyễn Vĩnh Linh