So you have your own domain. What’s next?

part 1: an email with your own domain? that’s easy!

Suddenly you have to exchange contact information with someone in the industry. Then when it comes to email…

My God! How could I give them this nickname “cuteboy…”? So embarrassing!

Okay this scenario is weird. How about another case: you give them an email of [email protected]. I personally think your thought would be like:

Hehe! Couldn’t they realize that’s my name and my personal website on it? *evil grin*

Yes it’s true! An email with your own domain is something that you do be proud of! But how do you have one?

Try Google Apps for Business, it’s free!

For only one email address, yes, only one! But what you will have are priceless: email address, calendar, drives, sites, Google+ profile, and many awesome apps that are free on Google Apps marketplace! If those amazing features are not convincing (enough), these are also included:

  • 25GB of inbox,
  • 5GB Drive storage,
  • 24/7 customer support for any issues,
  • So much more…

I’m using Google Apps to host my professional email and trust me, the value is greatly awesome for just one free package! Nuff said, let’s get started shall we?

Signing up Google Apps for free

Step 1: Sign up for a personal Google account (a one). I don’t have to guide you through this, right? Yet if you already have one, skip to Step 2

Step 2: Follow this link with your Google account and click on Create Application


Step 3: It will probably ask you for phone verification. Just type in your mobile phone number in Vietnam, wait for the code and fill in the text-box to get this verification step done. Step 4: You will be taken to this Create an Application **form. Just fill in any random data in requested fields, you may want to try some funky data to make it unique to pass the uniqueness test. Then just click on **Create Application.


Step 5: Successful! Now click on the dashboard link…


… look for **Application Settings **and click on it. It’s on the left!


Step 6: Scroll down until you see Domain Setup **section, click on the **Add Domain….


Step 7: You will see this screen appear! Don’t mind the text-box! Click on the **Sign up for Google Apps Standard » **link…


…will open this new page, fill in your exact (desired) information and click on I accept! button.


Congratulations! You have basically finished everything needed to give you a professional email address with personal cool-looking domain! But for now, your login URL for the Google Apps Email (and other apps) is just and still doesn’t look cool enough. Just play around, and stay tuned for the next part, as I will explain (with a little bit advance stuff) how to

Part 2: Easily personalize the Google Apps services URLs.

Nguyễn Thanh Luân