People keep saying human brain can do truly legendary stuff. Some claim most individuals only take advantage of 10% of the capacity of the brain. But when it comes to the manipulate the humna brain to make the most out of it, they never say.

William Congreve once said: “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”

I am pretty sure ‘‘breast’ does not mean ‘boobies’ in this context. Instead I believe it refers to people’s anger being kept in and outbursted when it has to. Either way, the saying is true. Think about it guys, how many times have you come to music to console yourself, keep you awake or put you to sleep. In a larger scale, a upbeat dance record gets people to ‘shake that’. A Celine Dion’s ballad sheds people tears. Meanwhile JB’s premature bubblegum pop makes his tweenie baby baby baby baby baby say ‘ohhhh’ (this is a fail example)…

In fundamental, music causes brain to generate waves. It does this nicely and easily, because music also entertain listeners. What if you only hearing binaral beats that generate waves, without the entertain purpose?

Brainwave Tuner


Brainwave Tuner is an application specifically designed for this method: playing binaral beats that generate different type of waves in our mind. Whether you want to have a beautiful sleep, increase your attention, or put into a study-for-exam state of mind, Brainwave Tuner provides 20 different sound patterns to cater different needs, breaks into 3 categories: ‘Sleep and Healing’, ‘Meditation and Relaxation’, and ‘Focus and Learning’.

It’s amazing how simple tones with can help you get your mind where you need it to be. When I do assignments, I tune ‘Creativity Enhance’ mode to help me get along with process. When I get irritated by people in 1.1.18 Lab talking loudly, I tune ‘Learning Aid 2’ and soon I looking at the text book forgiving God for have forsaken me.

Some people I met claim brainwave entrainment does not work for them. It is all right, I am not forcing you to listening to the “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” sound hours after hours (which I do, guess I am more of a wierdo). However, the science behind the the study of brainwaves is solid, and brainwaves entrainment has proven not to be a scam.

Where to get

Brainwave Tuner is available on iOS iTunes Store, Android’s Play Store, Windows Phone’s Marketplace, BlackBerry World. So try it yourself !

Thanks to this little app, I personally control my mind succesfully. What do you think ? Please leave your comment below.


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