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Startup jobs - the incredible experience

So… today is my last day officially working for Keewi - a very cool startup in Saigon. It’s almost 1 year since the first time I knew about this awesome team and its famous event Start Me Up - the only monthly entrepreneurship event in Saigon. Looking back, it was an amazing journey that brought me to the technology world and expose to a new way of thinking about this world, which is totally different from what I’ve believed before. Listening to the song Humanity in Motion inspires me to write a short post for youngsters who want to tip a toe in a startup world. These are all the awesome experiences I want to share with you.

Viettel staff uses Ubuntu - Yes, they do !

Ever since I was introduced to Ubuntu 5 years ago, I have sticked with it and never go back. I guess I was lucky, as my first impression with Ubuntu was flawless, it was so fresh that it blew me away.

So you have your own domain. What next?

So you have your own domain. What’s next?

People, Places & Events in Vietnam Startup Community

Last week, I have covered the very general concept of startup & investment definition and type of startup investment in Vietnam. This article’s main purpose is to show you key peoples, events and resources that I think you need to know in Vietnamese market.

Control your mind with Brainwaves Tuner on smartphones

People keep saying human brain can do truly legendary stuff. Some claim most individuals only take advantage of 10% of the capacity of the brain. But when it comes to the manipulate the humna brain to make the most out of it, they never say.

Ultimate tutorial: Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu with font smoothing using PlayOnLinux/WINE

In this post, contributor Do Bac Ha presents a thorough instruction on how to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Ubuntu, while giving tips on how to optimize the installation procedure, for a seamless user experience.

We are proud of RMIT Basketball Team

Basketball team won

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Amazing Gameloft Industrial Tour!

Gameloft Industrial