Have you ever used Java? If yes then you can see that Java’s syntax is more complicated and longer than other language such as C#, Python, Ruby,… Also, when writing app for Android, you will need to use Java and it will take a lot of time for you to complete the code. But, with Kotlin creating app for Android can become faster.

Advantages of using Kotlin

  • Concise: reduce the amount of code you need to write
  • Safe: avoid entire classes of errors such as null pointer exception
  • Versatile: build server-side application, Android apps or web’s front-end
  • Interoperable: 100% Java interoperability
  • Tooling: you are free to choose command Line compiler or First Class IDE.

What does it look like?

data class Product(val name: String, val description: String)

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    val product = Product("kotlin", "new language")
    println("Hello Kotlin")

As you can see, the code is significantly shorter in comparison to Java

How to try Kotlin?

More information

You can visit this website for more information on Kotlin and how to use it.

WARNING: Kotlin is still in beta version and may not be stable. I suggest you should use it for testing or trying purpose only, not for real project

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