Ever since I was introduced to Ubuntu 5 years ago, I have sticked with it and never go back. I guess I was lucky, as my first impression with Ubuntu was flawless, it was so fresh that it blew me away.

However, the experience many had with Ubuntu are not as perfect. Take my best friend as an example. His Windows XP set-up was screwed up so bad, it was infected with a virus, and every now and then the virus plays a short sample of “I Lay My Love on You” (the virus creater must had been a Westlife fan). I convinced him to dual-boot Ubuntu, and just before I became proud of myself for doing good deed, he messed up the gnome-panel, and complained “why is that U-shitty-something you installed ugly as hell”? Truth be told, Ubuntu was the first thing we had ever disagree on.

For many years, I had never seen anybody but me use Linux. Sometimes, I felt like an oasis, a wierdo. I told myself I’d be psyched if I’ve ever seen one, which would have been… never.

Ubuntu at Viettel

Today I went to a Viettel store. I usually come to the local one, a massive one, where customers are not permitted to check stuff behind the counter. The store I went to this morning was different, so I was thrilled to see this:



IMG_20130424_103349 I had a brief chat with the counter girl:

ME: Just out of curiosity, is the system you are using Ubuntu ? (what a dumb question)

COUNTER GIRL: Ubun - what? I dunno, the tech-savvy guys from the IT department installed this.

ME: How long have you been using this ?

COUNTER GIRL: Hard to remember, I reckon two years.

ME: Do you know which version you are using ? The counter girl shrugged, then commented: this Windows has the taskbar on the left (I bet she implied the launcher).

Two things can be taken from this:

  • Ubuntu is ACTIVELY used in the wild world !
  • The newbie loves Unity ;)

Rocking with Ubuntu since 2010 !

Back in 2009, I read countless of articles claiming the public sector was move toward open source applications, as a solution to operation cost, when the Global Financial Crisis started striking them real hard. Admittedly, I was rather skeptical, as much as I doubt the government when they propagandised how well national transportation has become in the recent years, while the construction of the main road where I live should have been completed by 2007. The fact that Viettel actively utilises Ubuntu indicates how deep Ubuntu has integrated into the Vietnam public sector, and they actually endeavour to save money. In fact, Viettel claimed to saved 24 billion Dongs in 2010, thanks to utilising Open Source software instead. On top of that, Viettel does apply the project on a national scale: by October, 2010, Ubuntu has been installed on nearly 11000 clients, amount for 40% of the aggregate computers (if you check out the link, you will see they even use Ubuntu One to store the report :D)

So yeah, next time if you have businesses to deal with at a Viettel agency, do not forget to check the staff monitors !

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