Basketball team won

My heart skipped a beat as the match went to its last 2 seconds.

It was the feeling that I had in last few seconds while RMIT Basketball team was competing with the University of Technology (Bach Khoa) at Tan Binh Stadium in HCM city on 14 April for the championship of Ho Chi Minh local area of Vietnam University Game 2013. That was the second time the team competed against University of Technology. The first match was in qualifying round and now here we were: Meeting again in the final match!

RED them

On RMIT-ers’ Facebook pages the day before the final match, the iconic “Let’s RED them all” avatar was spotted everywhere. This act proved the fact that we are united as one and no one can defeat us. Just those simple four words on that plain red background strengthened our spirit and the belief that our basketball team will be the champion of this final match. The match began at 4 pm, but RMIT fans had been at the stadium since 2:30 pm and quickly filled up our assigned half of the grandstand. The atmosphere inside the stadium was hotter by the fans’ red shirt and their shouts. They shouted at the top of their voice at the match. The stadium looked like it would explode any time. In the first half of the match, our team took the lead. The gap between two teams’ scores was not significant, fluctuating between 3 and 5. At half time, RMIT team got higher score than Technology University team. In the second half, Technology University basketball players’ spirit got high thanks to the win of their dance team in the Freestyle Dancing competition. They played better and faster. The gap between two scores was closer. For the last few minutes of the match, the stadium’s atmosphere seemed to be the most dramatic because of the score chasing between two teams. Emotions ran high in the last 2 seconds when two teams had the same score. Not stopping there, the tireless RMIT warriors got two free throws to Technology University basket at 30s left. The husky foreign player wearing number 12 added the decisive point for our team on the result board, 27 - 28 and brought the championship of the local area of Vietnam University Game to RMIT basketball team. Mere words just can’t describe the happiness of RMIT fans at that time. The stadium was filled with the joyous shouts of RMIT fans. RMIT basketball team has written their name in history of Vietnam University Game and they’ve proved to other basketball teams coming from different universities in HCM city that “RMIT has REDded you all”.