In this semester, IT Club has had new executives and they are about to bring you the awesome workshops/events for everyone (including non-IT students) to enjoy and learn more about technology. We will organize 2 main events: WordPress workshop and Silicon Straits Saigon industrial tour. Also, this semester, Center of Technology will organize 3 events with collaboration from IT Club.

WordPress workshop

You will have a chance to create your own website/blog without having to type any complicated HTML/CSS code. There is no pre-requisite in order to join the workshop, the speaker will instruct you step-by-step on how to construct and decorate a simple website with speed and ease. For more information about WordPress, you can check out this website.

  • Date: Wednesday of Week 3 (8/7/2015)
  • Time: 12h30pm - 2h00pm
  • Room: 1.2.26

Events from Center of Technology (in collaboration with IT Club)

In this semester, the Center of Technology will organize 3 workshops for everyone to join.

BlueBird Award Workshop - “A new way to bring Made-in-Vietnam game to the world”

  • Date: Wednesday of Week 4 (15/7/2015)
  • Time: 9h00am - 11h00am
  • Room: SGS 2.3.05
  • Representative: Mr Nam H.Ngyuen Board Member of Bluebird Award.

Umbala Workshop - “Another way to startup, why we don’t disrupt the world from Vietnam?”

  • Date: Wednesday of Week 5 (22/7/2015)
  • Time: 9h00am - 11h00am
  • Room: SGS Sydney Theater (2.1.04)
  • Representative: Mr Thao M. Nguyen Founder & CEO of Umbala, Inc

VeXeRe & Uber Workshop - “How I built my business from scratch?”

  • Date: Wednesday of Week 6 (29/7/2015)
  • Time: 9h00am - 11h00am
  • Room: SGS Sydney Theater (2.1.04)
  • Representative: Mr Van Tran – Founder & CEO of & Douglas Ma (Head of Expansion – APAC, General Manager - Ho Chi Minh City) of Uber Technologies, Inc.

Silicon Straits Saigon (SSS) Industrial tour

Have you ever wondered what an IT industry is like and do you want to see the life of the “pirates” in SSS? This industrial tour will be the chance for you to explore the office in Sai Gon that is similar to Google’s office. Some of the ex-members of IT Club are working there and they highly appreciate the workplace’s quality. For more information about SSS, please check out the company’s website.

  • Date: Wednesday of Week 8 (12/8/2015)
  • Time: to be announced soon
  • Gathering area before departuring: to be announced soon

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