In this post, you can have a look through our candidates for the executive positions of RMIT Vietnam IT Club and their nomination letters. After that, please visit this form in order to begin voting.

Nguyễn Trung Tú

I am Nguyen Trung Tu, 2nd year IT Student and the current Secretary of RMIT IT Club. I am writing this letter to express my interest in joining RMIT IT Club’s Executive Selection for term 2015 – 2016 as a nominee for the position of President. I believe with the experience and understanding that I have gained through the last 3 semesters working as our Club’s Secretary, I can have enough qualifications to apply for this post, making more and more contributions in building and consolidating our Club.

For promoting the spirit and maintaining the newly established structure of RMIT IT Club, I would like to have some suggestions for the next term 2015 – 2016. This plan is drafted based on the current state of our club and the possible developments which can be made throughout the year:

  1. Maintaining Structure: This structure has 4 Teams: Technical Team, Event Team, Design Team and Marketing Team. The teams are connected via Slack, the internal communication used by The Executive Board. The plan has proved efficient in our Club Day and Induction, therefore, I recommend that we keep reconstructing IT Club with this new plan and also recruiting more members to these teams.

  2. Academic Consultation: This program has been postponed for several months after our Senior members’ graduation. For this reason, I would like to tackle the issue by inviting Alumni and other members that are interested in helping their fellow IT students to join and make more contributions to our community.

  3. Interactive Community: The Interactive Workshops are being practically used in our events this semester, and has attracted more and more students to come and cooperate with us. This brilliant and creative plan should be encouraged in the coming time, creating a friendly atmosphere in each workshop we conduct, rather than the traditional classroom lessons.

I joined IT Club because I found in it a close and friendly community, in which everybody knows each other, we share our common work and also hobbies. This is where I learned a lot from the Seniors on hard skills (Programming skills, knowledge) and Soft skills (communication, working style, etc.) for my self-developments, along with lots of memorable moments. I really hope that through this next term in Office, I can first help our Club to be more open and better known to the RMIT Community and then acquire the skills or new working styles for my future career. Thank you for your time and consideration. Should you have any further questions regarding my letter or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me at 0902.489.053 or email:[email protected] I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Nguyễn Tô Linh Giang

The main reason why I want to run as IT Club’s president is because of the strong emotional bound between me and the club after nearly 4 years of commitment. I believe that I can make some positive changes to improve club’s performance. I want to preserve our club’s legacy that has been passed on by formal generations but also create some more to enrich the club’s achievements. As a female leader, I do realize some difficulties compared to other candidates, especially with a male-dominated club like IT. But I also consider this as my advantages. With a male-dominated club like IT, a female leader is more likely to strengthen members’ bounds and brings different leadership methods into club’s operation. I have my confident as a long-time club’s executive and my own strengths as a female candidate so, take a chance on me!

Võ Quốc Hùng

My name is Hung, Vo Quoc Hung. I am currently a fourth semester IT student. I am also a Marketing Officer in ENACTUS student club. During my first semesters, I have followed IT club and have captured the sense of how former leaders have created events such as industrial tour to the Floating Cub company or the recently held GitHub workshop.

I am nominating myself to executive positions, feeling both excited and responsible. My enthusiasm comes from the acknowledgement that I will have the opportunity to participate and dig into brainstorming, planning and spending my effort to create exciting and also practical events. I also have the chance to emerge myself deeper into the IT field, the major that I am pursuing, and to make new good connections with new people. Furthermore, it will also be a chance to learn the profound knowledge and wisdom from former students and alumni, and to rapidly develop and grow as a leader to explore beyond my abilities. On the other hand, I acknowledge that the chance would also mean responsibility and commitment to building this club stronger and more popular.

My vision is to create more events that are practical to not only IT students, but also to a larger majority of students. I aim to create something new and exciting during my time as an Executive officer.

I do not want to promise, but rather do my work. Because promise does not give anything other than momentary pleasant feeling. But I do commit to putting my effort and heart and creativity to the growth of IT club.

Thank you for reading!

Đoàn Thiên Phúc

First of all, it is because I am willing to dedicate my time and effort to ITC, for I have found it is a heartwarming family where you can meet and make friends with many funny guys who are always happy to help you deal with your assignment or other technical problems. It helps me to enjoy myself, grow my interest with the world of technology and its brain numbing difficulties.

Second, I am a dedicated person. Once I give my word on any assigned task, I always pour my heart into it to make it perfect. Moreover, because of my love for the club, I always want it to flourish more, to spread its image and reputation more wider around the campus. Therefore I have more drive and willing to take on the club’s events.

Third, once I become one of the members in the executive board, these are the things I will do to maintain and improve our club:

A. For the Vice President position : assisting the President to - Operate more technical workshops to help IT students with their assignments and course difficulties. - Bring more industrial tours to the members so that they can gain an insight into the industry and identify their future career. Furthermore, through these tours, students can also increase their employment opportunity in these companies. But more importantly, these activities help the club to create a good relationship with the IT company. - Hold more teambuilding activities for members to have fun and become more bonding to the club, to each other. - Create more events for the IT company having more interaction with RMIT IT students, such as talk show, networking events, et. Etera

B. For the Secretary position : - Taking care of all the paperwork, including roombooking for an event, inform members of the upcoming events via mails and more. - Helping the President and Vice President to look after the members’ performances. - Cooperating with those two by all means to assist the events.

C. For the Treasure position : managing the club’s finance, including: - Budget estimating for each event. - Recording all incomes and outcomes. - Collecting members’ fees. - Taking care of all the receipts for reimbursement from SC. I know that I do not have much experience in operating a club but with all my heart and determination, I promise to support it for success by all means.

Bùi Quang Điền