Engaging & Engagement!

One says: “An engaging elephant is full of engagement!” Okay, that one is me. It is nonsense… yet no sense at all. But it does say something about engaging, as a Club Core member.

So what should YOU do?

Here is a big list of stuff:

Nothing is true

A rule itself could kill the whole generation!!! This so-called document is not a shitty pile of rules and you don’t have tostrictly follow it. If you find any rules that are bullshit and you want to change those, just bring to the core team meeting and we will talk about it. Just a suggestion, you could start your talk by saying “I think this rule is suck!” <Then talk about that one rule> Everything in this document and other sayings by Club Executives are just guidelines. We want you to be fully creative! Be whatever you like and we will welcome it!

Swearing is permitted

If you found the last stuff offensive (because of bad words I used), how about this: You could say bad words, swear i.e. ĐM, VCL, Fuck, Damn and Shit, etc. stuff like that! But please, I personally don’t like or want to see any insults! You could say ĐM but please don’t say this to your friend “Your mother is a whore!” Please don’t… Every time you want to say someone’s idea is a big pile of shit, you should prove it. Be constructive and criticism addictive. We are awesomely open minded people! Don’t worry, yours will be heard and action will be taken. Unless you try to mind-fuck us… LOL! But seriously, the shitty things happen below this sentence is really serious!

Stuff that would help to keep you in the loop!

Well, the things I’m about to say now are those you have the “rights and responsibilities, bla bla” to do as a part of our so-called ‘system’ :-“

To be kept in the loop!

As a core, you will have access to a big-gigantic-ass of Knowledge Source of the Universe! We will give you the Almighty Key! All you have to do, is to send an email to the System Admin (or Mr. President) with those included:

  • Your Dropbox account.
  • Your Student ID, personal Google Mail. We will share the Club’s Google Drive folder :D

Using IT Club @rmitc.org

Having an awesome@rmitc.org email is extremely easy!

As a core member, you will receive an awesomely new email of @rmitc.org. Your email will be set up as firstname.lastname@rmitc.org and that is just for others to find you quickly. But yay, you could ask the System Admin or Mr. President to add a nickname to your email so that you could send and receive email as your-nickname@rmitc.org. All you have to do is ask!

Be proud and professional

Your @rmitc.org email is encouraged to be used for internal communication between Club Cores and also, external chit-chat that is related to our Club :D. To show our awesomeness to the world, let’s change your signature shall we :D. This is an example:

Best regards,
Luan Nguyen Thanh

/ w: http://rmitc.org
/ f: http://www.facebook.com/rmitc
/ m: [email protected]
/ p: 090.000.0000 - President. <-- If you don't want to include your phone then you could
                                   leave the President's phone here

Wandering around and get to know stuff

Our Google Apps is backed with many awesome add-ons i.e. project management, customer relationship management, etc. And many of those are free :). For now, our Club is using Mavenlink as the project management solution. However if you found any awesome apps on Google Apps Marketplace and want to have it in the Club’s Google Apps, just ask the System Admin ;). We will install that app, test it and decide if it would benefit the Club then you and the others could use it!

Getting in our Wordpress blog

As a core, you will receive an account at our Club’s blog. But please send your desire username to the System Admin! Since the username cannot be changed, you will be given a firstname.lastname username if you didn’t act soon enough! After having an account, first thing you should do is to update your personal profile. You don’t want the readers of your posts know nothing about you but your name, do you?!

… and some Facebook stuff

Our Facebook page is very active, thanks to every beloved core! I won’t ask you to share every new post on our Facebook page, but please share it if you really love it :D. It is a great way to tell everybody in the team that the post is awesome and we should keep on doing that! { life changes, sh!t happens, this post is to be updated }

Nguyễn Thanh Luân