Presentation has become an indispensible part of most courses at RMIT. In order to support those  presentations, you usually use Microsoft Power Point (PP) to make slides. The repetition of PP slides has become more and more boring for every student at the university. As a result, you need a new tool to replace this product of Microsoft.

Prezi presents itself as a perfect alternative in this case. It is automated, free, portable, easy and more importantly fun to use. Three semesters ago, one group in PCP, a course of IT program, achieved the highest mark when they used Prezi to support their presentation. Mr. Quang Tran, a lecturer of IT department, also encourages the use of Prezi in his classes. The automation of Prezi shows makes presentations more interesting, and of course, removes the sleepiness of the audience.

Realizing the need of students for this tool, IT Club will organize a series of Prezi workshop in week 3. There are three sessions, delivering the same content:

  • Session 1: 10.30am – 11.30am Tuesday 2nd November                     Room: 4.16
  • Session 2: 9am – 10am Wednesday 3rd November                            Room: 1.15
  • Session 3: 4pm – 5pm Wednesday 3rd November                              Room: 1.15

You are able to join any of them, depending on your timetable. Moreover, we also provide you a fascinating competition at the end of each workshop, with quaint gifts for the winner.

What are you waiting for? Just write a comment for this post to confirm your participation in one of these 3 sessions, or register by 5pm Sunday 31 Oct to:

Nguyen Thanh Huy
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 0932184185

Duy Nguyễn