Robocode is a multi-player game written in Java where instead of directly participating, players write code to control simple tanks (robots) provided by the framework. Those robots then fight against each other in a rectangular battlefield to determine the winner.


RMIT IT students have little activity outside classrooms. Beside homework and assignments they have few chances to practice programming, which is important in improving their skills and building up self-confidence. In addition, the lack of activities has resulted in the fact that, despite their small number, IT students are thinly scattered into small social groups with few connections with others. The competition is an attempt to provide them with an opportunity to socialize through a fun contest, which is also relevant to their study, helping them honing skills they learn in class.


  • The event will be held in semester B of 2010 and is open to all current students of the BP162 program.
  • The competition will be in the form of a tournament where students write robots (small programs) to fight against each other, either one-on-one or in team battles.
  • The tournament will be split into sessions where students gather to attend the matches, which are run on a computer and projected onto a large screen.
  • There will be other related activities, which can take place during weekly sessions or on this blog: voting for favourite robot, strategy discussion, framework modification.

Hoàng Xuân Phú