There was an internal competition during the first semester of year 2010. Members of RMITC were introduced to the Robocode framework and started writing robots to pitch them against each other on Wednesday morning each week. Some members have a little prior experience with the framework, so their robots ruled the battlefield initially. Later weeks saw some intense actions as other members caught up, and as team brawls and epic free-for-all clashes replaced one-on-one skirmishes. Some formerly dominating robots were quickly fried amidst the chaos. As if it was not fun enough, some members creatively added some “battle cries” to their robots to stir up the vibes.

The tournament was not the only event. An enthusiastic student, Khang Vo, began modifying the original framework, adding features like power-ups (and power-downs), bullets that look like laser. This modified framework was used for demonstration during Club Day of the second semester, and is intended to be used for the coming competition as well.

Robocode 2010A

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh