Last Monday the Robocode tournament concluded with an extremely fun session. Betting was continued to be featured. However, most “gamblers” lost this time due to the surprise brought about by robots that were updated from the last session.

Some notable facts:

  • Most of the robots saw substantial updates, some even employed the advanced movement of "Wave Surfing". Surprisingly though, about half of the updates did not function as expected, achieving poorer results compared to last week's.
  • KeHuyDiet, the absolute champion of the previous week, despite having been updated, was entangled in a mesh of no-hit-just-miss skirmishes by NewCar, which had not been updated due to assignments' pressure on its author. Davik, the other robot of the group, took advantage of this stalemate, advancing to the next round.
  • KFC was enhanced with 2 "war-cries": a piggy reveling sound upon victory, and upon defeat a long shrieking screech resembling that of pigs in a slaughterhouse. The latter was loved so much by the crowd that everyone wished for KFC's death in nearly all of the battles.
  • The role of KeHuyDiet was taken by KickAssassin, who dominated every match and became the champion of both the session and the tournament.

All the robots were uploaded here.

And that’s it for this semester. Systematic betting and team battles are to come next time.

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh