The last Robocode session was held at 4PM on Monday in Bowen room. It was much more exciting than last week’s session. Besides the improved quality of robots, the new activity - betting - played an important role in stirring up the atmosphere. Spectators took bets on their beloved robots, accumulating points to exchange for sweet rewards at the end.

Some interesting facts:

  • The top 3 places were won by 3 robots whose names all start with K: KeHuyDiet, KFC, KickAssassin, in that order.
  • KeHuyDiet, which did not leave much impression last week, surprised everyone by beating all opponents on its way to the title.
  • Barend, KeHuyDiet's creator, was also a prophet that won most of his bets.
  • The most funny match was the one between Davik and Harakiri, 2 "lazy" robots that refused to make any move until the opponent moves first.

To help participants better prepare for the final round, all robots were uploaded. Competitors can use them to test their new strategies. Hopefully this will make the ultimate showdown even more thrilling.

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh