Link: Students on both campuses of RMIT Vietnam have raised around 60 million dong to support Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.


At Saigon South campus, students from IT Club in cooperation with several other student clubs raised around 56 million dong during a one-week fundraising campaign. The tally of donations was continually updated on the IT Club’s website during the week. All money has now been transferred to the Japan Consulate and is expected to reach those in need soon.

In Hanoi, student members of the Culture Club set up donation booths in front of the Library on Level 2 and on Levels 8 and 9. The Club raised around 4 million VND from students and staff in Hanoi. This money was sent to Vietnam Red Cross to be forwarded to Red Cross in Japan.

A big thank-you to students on both campuses who helped arrange these collections, and to those students and staff who gave their time and money generously to help Japanese communities get back on their feet after the country’s historic recent catastrophe.

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Vũ Xuân Lộc