What’s up RMITC boys and girls?!

On July 25, 2012, RMITC had an amazing industrial tour to KMS techonology. The tour was organized by KMS to introduce the company with the young, enthusiastic, and just simply awesome future IT-professionals like us (not only from RMIT, but also from other universities like Back Khoa, Natural Science, FPT,…). The company emphasized and spent a great deal of time on its history, positions, current technologies being used at KMS, internship programs, and some other community activities. After that, we were all welcome by a special guest Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung one of the founder and current Managing Director at KMS. Mr. Hung (he referred to be called anh Hung) gave a special talk about dreams (not the typical dreams that you have at nights, but more like “What do you want to do in the future ?”) and how he’s reached his dreams. The “show” continued with the lunch session (foods was yummy !!!). Last but not least, students were introduced to working area of the company and we were lucky enough to see KMS employees do the chicken dance. Why ? Because it’s their weekly physical exercise. We also had a chance to talk to a project leader and engineering manager about the current projects that they are working on.

After all, of course we went home, but not empty handed. I think there was at least a thing or two that all the students have learned during the tour. Whether it’s about technologies or dreams or whatever (at least the food was good), it’s worth the time.

Thanks for your attention guys. Have a nice day :D

Đào Tiến Minh