In the Induction Day, we will give you detailed information about the upcoming events and the IT Club’s executive election.


Every Saturday from Week 4 to Week 11 (Tech talk): An event for IT Students to learn from each other, even from IT Alumni who are now working in IT Industries.

Wednesday of Week 8 and Week 9 (Ruby on Rails (RoR) workshop): Ruby on Rails is a very powerful web framework, for more information about RoR you can check out this website. This event will focus on testing with Rails, which can be very useful for students who are taking Software Engineering Process and Tool this semester.

Saturday Week 10 (Team-building party): In this party you will have a chance to relax before the tough upcoming final exam, make friends and on that day we will announce the new executives IT Club.

Optional We intent to organize a GIT workshop for students in Process and Tool course. This event will be established depending on the students’ demand. For more information on Git, you can check out this website.

Executive Election (2015B - 2016A period)

The executive election has 3 states.

  1. In the first state, you will need to tell us the position(s) you would like to nominate for in this form.

  2. In the second state, after submitting the form you will have to submit your nomination letter (In this letter, you need to introduce yourself to everyone and explain why you think you are the suitable candidate for the position(s) that you choose. You can add more information if you prefer) and your picture to this email address: [email protected].

  3. The final state is the voting. This will last from Monday Week 10 to Friday Week 10, every member in the club can vote for their favorite candidates, we will provide you the link to the form for voting later on this website. On Saturday week 10, we will inform everyone about the next executives of IT Club.

Remember: The deadline for the first 2 states is Sunday Week 9.


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