Gameloft Industrial

Did you enjoy the Gameloft Industrial tour??? The tour was interesting, wasn’t it? If you have already had your own plan to work in the game industry, Gameloft may be one of the great choices for you. After taking the tour around Gameloft, watching how its employees worked, talking directly to many people there and listening to them sharing their experience, we, the RMIT ITers, have collected many useful information in preparation for our future job.

Moreover, the friendly employees there also helped us know about the important role of programmers (our job) in developing mobile games, especially the smartphone ones. The first thing we explored at Gameloft was the professional working environment of a big company. English is the main language and the only language allowed in working time. It’s used for communicating between Vietnamese as well as foreign people. We as the RMIT students found it very suitable for us because we have already studied in an English environment. Next, there was nobody who worked alone at Gameloft. Everyone has to work in team. This improves their soft skill and prevent the employee to be isolated from the company community. Lastly, what we feel the most impressive is that Gameloft’s employees also have their own relax area, where they can play video games or take a rest and continue working efficiently.

Surprisingly, Gameloft Vietnam is the largest studio of Gameloft all over the world. It takes the responsibility in almost every phase in developing a game including designing, coding and testing. The process is flexibly managed by the project leader and allocated to suitable team member. After finishing development, the game is sent to Gameloft’s headquarter and distributed to users. In the tour, we also had the change to play and investigate some of the games from Gameloft Vietnam. These games include Asphalt 6, Block Breaker and Shark Dash. We were also given many devices to test those games, from the very low end feature phones to those newest high end devices like iPhone, iPad or the new Nokia Lumia one. Before we left, we had taken many photos with Gameloft employees and receive some memorable gift from them.

Huan Le