Swiss IT Bridge is a young enterprise for software development founded in 2005. The clients of Swiss IT Bridge are mostly from Switzerland, Austria and Germany. On software development field, Swiss IT Bridge develops a wide range of application in accordance with specifications: from a single module to an integrated IT-application. The strength of Swiss IT Bridge lays in a cohesive communication channel in which the management board acts as a bridge between Swiss and Vietnam. This model gives clients the chance to work directly with the sales and business analysis team and ensure their satisfaction while still being able to take advantages of the cheap implementation price in Vietnam. What make Swiss IT Bridge a potential enterprise for you to start you internship?

  • Swiss IT Bridge uses Agile management in most of its projects which will make you become a good Agile practitioner in no time.
  • With regular team building sessions such as staff party and company trip, the working environment in Swiss IT Bridge is friendly and sociable.
  • Swiss IT Bridge management board enables its employees to explore different career paths based on their ability and interest.
  • Swiss IT Bridge provides various training on both language and technologies

In Swiss IT Bridge, everyone believes that the company success depends on the Attitude, Capabilities and Enthusiasm (ACE) of each member. If you possess these same characteristics and want to contribute to creating outstanding value in your career, Swiss IT Bridge is a good start.

Duy Nguyễn