IT Career Pathways Research Opportunities from Hoang Xuan Phu on Vimeo.

Employment Criteria from Hoang Xuan Phu on Vimeo.

The second session of IT Insight series was held onWednesday (week 4, 14th July 2010) in room 1.15. The main theme of the second session was about IT Career and some criteria for your potential development. The speeches were carried out by Mr. Anthony De Souza-Daw (PhD, RMIT Lecturer) and Mr. Bui the Hoa (Agnus Vietnam)

  • IT Career pathways - by Anthony DeSouza-Daw
  • Research Opportunities - by Anthony DeSouza-Daw
  • Employers’ criteria in IT industry - by Bui The Hoa

Nguyễn Nam Khang