Prezi is a web-based tool to create zooming presentations. Unlike the traditional way using boring PowerPoint slides to show off your message to the audience, Prezi uses a single canvas to hold all contents, then we can easily zoom to each part based on a storyboard.


We have seen the traditional presentations with long sleepy slides and due to its specification, making a slide on PowerPoint becomes too complicated for business people and we cannot stress one important point on the screen. As a result, Prezi came out to help people, especially people in the marketing field, make impressive and efficient presentations. Thus, in semester A 2010, we provided an introduction of Prezi to student who’s studying PCP (Professional Computing Practice), which we hope, will help them create better presentations. This activity has received approval from our lecturer, Mr Quang Tran, who gave the team 30 minutes from his class so there was a full attendance of students.


The introduction of new presentation methodology was successful. Students have found that it is easier and more impressive than using PowerPoint. As a result of our demonstration, 4 out of 6 marketing team gave their presentation on Prezi.

Hoàng Xuân Phú