(DoS Techniques) SMURF Attack

Another common technique for DoS is Smurf attack. Its first appearance dates back in the early 1998. Unlike TCP flooding attack mentioned in the previous article, it does not take advantage of the TCP/IP protocol but the Internet Control Message Protocol (or ICMP for short) instead.


Denial of Service (or DoS for short) is a common attack in the cyber security. It forces the server resources, like CPU, memory, bandwidth and disk space to run out and unable to serve any authorized requests. There are many techniques to perform DoS attack and among them is TCP flooding. To know how TCP flooding works, a basic understanding of what TCP/IP protocol is and how it helps both client and server establish the connection is necessary.

Boost your WiFi signal

Have you ever been experienced slow WiFi at your home? Do you want to boost your WiFi signal without spending a lot more money? Don’t worry, there is one way to boost the signal by using BEER CAN. I’ve found a YouTube video showing you how to do so. Enjoy faster WiFi signal!

Kotlin - A new programming language for JVM, Android and browser

Have you ever used Java? If yes then you can see that Java’s syntax is more complicated and longer than other language such as C#, Python, Ruby,… Also, when writing app for Android, you will need to use Java and it will take a lot of time for you to complete the code. But, with Kotlin creating app for Android can become faster.

Using Jetbrains products for free

Have you ever used or heard of the software from Jetbrains? If yes then you can notice that there are some great products that you have to pay to get full version or buy a whole product such as IntelliJ Ultimate or ReSharper plugin. Fortunately, with your student email you can register for a Jetbrains student account that allows you to use the products for free in 1 YEAR.

Emmet - the essential toolkit for web developers

Have you ever spent lots of time writing HTML/CSS code line-by-line on a text editor, even though some text editors give you suggestions and have auto-complete functions. Do not worry as with Emmet, you can greatly improve the speed of HTML/CSS workflow.

Events of semester B (2015)

In this semester, IT Club has had new executives and they are about to bring you the awesome workshops/events for everyone (including non-IT students) to enjoy and learn more about technology. We will organize 2 main events: WordPress workshop and Silicon Straits Saigon industrial tour. Also, this semester, Center of Technology will organize 3 events with collaboration from IT Club.

Nomination Letter (2015B - 2016A)

In this post, you can have a look through our candidates for the executive positions of RMIT Vietnam IT Club and their nomination letters. After that, please visit this form in order to begin voting.

Using oh-my-zsh

Oh-my-zsh is an open source, community-driven framework for managing zsh and it is FREE. It has more than 180 optional plugin (rails, git, …) and more than 120 theme for your Terminal and an auto-update tool to keep oh-my-zsh up-to-date.

Induction Day 2015A

In the Induction Day, we will give you detailed information about the upcoming events and the IT Club’s executive election.